Two Pillars Mystery School 

The Two Pillars Mystery School was founded by Rebecca and Kate as a place for connection to realms that exist beyond our physical perception. Here we create a Heart and Mind link to the domain of spirit and soul. We help you access the flow of inspiration and wisdom that can guide you in your life. We connect you to your departed loved ones and spirit guides. We help you to connect to your inner guidance and learn how to harness the power of your thoughts. We focus on connection and awareness.

We are currently developing a series of Workshops, Courses and Classes in addition to the individual sessions we offer. Through combining our skills and experience, we are able to offer a range of differing approaches and methods that can lead you to greater awareness and a more conscious way of being.

 Our “codes” of intention

  • To show up for the client with an open mind and sincere intent.
  • To trust and inspire trust
  • To allow heart wisdom to be our guide, always

What we offer

For personal one-to-one readings see our individual descriptions below for details.

Rebecca and Kate in Collaboration

  • Focused development sessions
  • Personalised Mentorship Programs
  • Group Workshops in person and online
  • Online Development Courses 
  • Demonstrations with Q&A Sessions
  • One-to-one readings by appointment

Portrait of Rebecca

Rebecca Browne

I am a therapeutic medium and guide for healing journeys. I create a heart link with you, the recipient, to enable an experience of love and connection with spiritual realms to take place.

Over 30 years I’ve developed my skills through direct contact with my spirit guides and under the tutelage of well-renowned teachers and institutions. These include the Arthur Findlay College, College of Psychic Studies, BD Healing Hands, and mediums Tony Stockwell, Matthew Smith and Hilary Proctor. 

I am a member of the Spiritualist National Union.

Rebecca’s Work:  

Soul Readings.

Through a gentle blending with spirit, a bespoke experience can unfold according to the needs of the client.  This may include: 

  • Communication from departed loved ones
  • Connecting with guides
  • Communing with the soul
  • Past lives
  • Psychic information/scrying
  • Oracle cards

My aim is to facilitate a soulful, healing experience in a safe and nurturing atmosphere.  Occasionally a link may also occur with the angelic and archetypal realms.  

I never know which way the reading is going to go, however, my intention is always to bring forward that which will enrich the current life experience of the recipient.

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Portrait of Kate

Kate Arbon

I’m an Astrologer, Psychic Guide and Metaphysical Mentor. I bring over 35 years of experience as a professional Astrologer and teacher of Psychic Development and Spiritual Awareness. 

I’ve been guided since birth and lived my life according to what “feels right” I started my study of Astrology and Gnostic Teachings during my mid-teens and continued to develop my understanding over several decades. I’m largely self-taught. I practice intentional thinking and creative living.

In more recent years I’ve studied under Astrologers Deborah Holding, Chris Brennan and Lee Lehman and psychic teachers, Tony Stockwell, and Matthew Smith. 

Kate’s Work:

I specialise in guided wisdom when you’re soul-searching and looking for clues.

I utilise heart wisdom to offer a one-to-one in-depth perspective on your current situation, specifically relationships, life path or spiritual growth. 

I can respond to your individual requirements through:

  • Manifesting and intentional thinking 
  • Astrology Birthchart readings.
  • Horary Astrology Charts
  • Soul Intention & Life Path Guidance
  • Healing & Rebalancing Energy Sessions
  • Spiritual/Metaphysical  Mentoring

I work at a soul level to offer you insight, clarity and understanding for almost any life situation so you can also be guided on your own life journey.

What’s Next?……

The 2 Pillars Mystery School is currently developing a series of Workshops, Classes Courses and Events to facilitate various levels of experience and interest.

Events Calendar

In addition to our individual practice, we will be hosting these events in venues around West Cork and online. The calendar will be updated as more details become available, Contact us for more information.

Mini Workshop 2nd September 2-4 pm Skibbereen.

Deepening Awareness, Developing Intuition & Intentional Thinking

No previous experience is required.

Spend 2 hours being guided in ways to become quieter in your mind, sense your, feelings, body sensations and transient thoughts, so you can become aware of your natural intuition and increase your ability to be grounded and centred in your everyday life. 

Using mediative visualisation, breath and focusing techniques, you will gain ways to improve your sense of well-being and your ability to trust your intuition. With this practice, you can become more aware of your thoughts and start to make more positive choices as a result.

Upcoming Courses & Workshops

Dates and Venue to be arranged 

Workshop 1 half-day Bantry  Sat/Sun late October 2023

Workshop 2 half-day Bantry   Sat/Sun late October 2023

Demonstration Q&A  online early November 2023

Development Course 1  4 weeks starting late November 2023 online

Development Course 2  4 weeks starting early February 2024 online

Development Course 3  4 weeks starting Early May/June 2024 online

Get in Touch

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